Bicycle tools you need to carry with you at all times

As an avid cyclist, the most important thing to do for yourself is to stay prepared at all times for just about anything. By preparing yourself, you limit your chances of getting stuck with no backup plan during your ride. Should you need any maintenance or repairs on the road, you know that you’re covered if you have the right tools and skills to perform these tasks. 

It helps to always have bicycle spares with you whether you’re on a short ride or lengthy ride. Fortunately, you can get bike parts online and have them delivered straight to your door. 

If you read below, you’ll find a list of essential bike parts you always need to have at all times. You can buy bicycle parts on Chris Willemse Cycle website today. 

Bicycle pump 

If you notice that your bicycle tyres are not moving smoothly, it could mean that your tyre pressure is no longer enough for them to work effectively. Simply put, you have a flat tyre which will not let you reach your destination. That’s when you’ll need a pump to revive them back to optimal condition. You will need a decent hand pump to pump your bicycle wheels into shape. 

Tyre patch kit

A tyre repair kit is important to patch up a punctured tyre in cases where you’re unable to replace it or pump it to fullness. Doing this is not too difficult, but it does require patience as you’ll have to find the hole in the tyre caused by the puncture. Simply patch it up and be on your way. 

Tyre levers 

Tyre levers come in handy when you’re replacing punctured tyres. Depending on the length of your bike ride, you may need to carry one or two tyre levers with you. But you have to be certain you know how to use tyre levers, otherwise, you risk damaging your tyres.


A multi-tool comes with a chain tool, Allen and hex wrenches, and more useful bicycle tools. It’s good for bike adjustments when you need to tighten handlebars, loosen seats or bolt-on brake rotors or callipers. It also comes with a screwdriver, which is useful for adjusting derailer and brake pulls. You can break apart bike parts, repair them and reassemble on the side of the road. Note that there are different types of multi-tools to choose from, so ensure that the one you pick has exactly what you need. If you need assistance, speak to our experts in-store to help you.

Brake pads 

Brake pads have a responsibility to create friction to slow down the rim or the disc brake when you’re looking to decrease your speed on your bike. It’s important to note that not all bicycle brake pads are designed the same. They come in different shapes and sizes. You have to pick pads suitable for your bike needs. 

Bike stand 

When you run into trouble with your bike on your journey, you will need a bike stand to hold up the bike in position as you perform a repair, or replace task on your bike. You don’t need to carry around heavy workshop bike stands when there are a variety of lightweight bike stands available. 

Bike rack  

Like a bike stand, a bike rack is a practical tool used to carry luggage or whatever you’re comfortable carrying on your bike ride; depending on whether you’re going for a short or long ride. Typically, you get front and back bike racks, each slightly different from the other. The front is mostly used to carry lightweight luggage while the back bike rack is designed for heavy-duty. There are different types, you have to choose wisely and according to your needs. 

Bike lock  

Unlike Oakley sunglasses, which are nice-to-have for sunny days, a bike lock is essential in ensuring that your bicycle is safe and secure should you decide to stop somewhere to get something to drink or eat or even to take in the view before you. Bike locks also come in different types, so it’s best to buy one that suits your needs. 

Bike helmet  

You cannot leave the house to go on a bike ride without a bike helmet to protect you from getting injured in the case of an accident. Whether it’s simply an accidental fall or a serious accident, bike helmets are specifically designed to protect your head and face.

It’s important to keep bicycle parts handy at all times when you’re out on a bike trip. Doing this will save you from unnecessary stress and time. Chris Willemse Cycles has every bike part you’ll ever need.