5 simple steps to road cycling saddle comfort

As a cyclist or cycling enthusiast, you want comfort when riding on your bike. Being uncomfortable can taint even the most exhilarating experience. To get the overall bike experience, you need to ensure saddle comfort. While it may seem like the most insignificant part of your bike, it is the main component that makes the difference between being comfy and dreading your bike rides. 

Whether you are planning on buying a bicycle that’s for sale or you have one and have been struggling with the discomfort, we're here for you. We have five steps that will ensure you cycle in luxury. While no two individuals are the same, nor have the same experience, we hope these tips on how to make a bicycle seat more comfortable, make a difference. 

Shop for the right bike saddle 

The first step to comfort is going bike saddle fitting. Apart from choosing between a man’s bicycle saddle and ladies bicycle saddle, you need to choose one that's designed for the specific type of cycling you're doing. Once that is sorted, you can look into the fit. When it comes to fit, the saddle width needs to be the correct size as that will ensure the bone by the end of your pelvis is comfortable. The bony ends of your pelvis are what carry the most weight and will need a comfortable structure to ensure you don't experience discomfort while cycling. You can come for bike saddle fitting at our store or have one of our sales assistants help you find the right saddle. 

Make sure your saddle position is right  

Getting the right fit is one part of ensuring comfort; the next step is ensuring your saddle position is correct. There are three main elements to focus on when getting the right position. These are the height, tilt and fore, which is also known as the aft position. 

The reason why you need to focus on these three main things is that if the height is incorrect, it will result in you tilting your hips to the side when you're cycling on your bike. Your hips moving side to side can cause chaffing, which can potentially be irritating. And, if the tilt doesn’t position properly, it will leave you needing to shift while cycling as you're trying to find a comfortable way to sit. 

Not only will this be irritating and uncomfortable, but it will also leave you distracted. If you still feel uncomfortable, then you might need a bigger bicycle seat or a padded bike saddle. 

Consider using a cream 

Another effective way to ensure comfort when cycling is by using an emollient cream like Chamois cream. It's designed to lubricate the nether region to ensure you don't rub or chafe the area and cause discomfort. Since the chaffing happens because of repetition and friction, the cream works as a buffer and helps ensure you move smoothly. This can be helpful when you’re planning on cycling for long hours. Even if you have a long-distance bicycle seat, it is still recommended that you purchase a cream or chamois padding to ensure that you don’t experience any discomfort while cycling. 

Buy the correct shorts 

Buying bike shorts is a great way of combating discomfort. You can find bike shots that come with a padded area that can help protect your nether regions when you're on the saddle. This is an essential gear that every cyclist should have. But apart from preventing discomfort, these are protective as they have an impact-absorbing barrier that helps protect you while cycling. When you purchase your cycling shorts, make sure you find the right fit and test them out on a bike in-store as this will help determine the fit. Make sure you focus on fit rather than fashion because even if you have the best road bike saddle for long rides if you have loosely fitted shorts, you will experience discomfort from chafing. 

Take proper care of your skin 

Your nether region is sensitive, and because you’re warm and sweaty when cycling, it can breed bacteria. While it can cause other infections, you can get painful saddle sores that make it hard for you to cycle. 

Saddle sores are caused by an infected hair follicle. To prevent this, always make sure you're clean and take care of your skin. Here are a few tips you can follow to make sure you're clean and infection-free:

  • Always take a shower or bath after a ride. 

  • Never wear the same shorts more than once; it's best to have more than one pair or wash after every use. 

  • Avoid sitting in dirty areas such as sand or mud while cycling as you can come into contact with germs that increase the chance of you getting an infection. 

Final thoughts 

Being uncomfortable is never fun, especially when you’re doing something that you love. Something that’s supposed to help you relieve stress after a long day. We hope that these tips will help you get the best experience from your bicycle. If the pain persists, then you may need to purchase a new bicycle and ensure you have the right fit. 

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